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St. Jude's Anglican Home


Volunteers at St. Jude's Anglican Home help to enhance the quality of life of our residents. We believe volunteers are an integral part in the process of providing quality care.

Volunteers bring a variety of unique skills and knowledge to the organization, and provide a bridge between the community and the facility. We are committed to provide information and training that meets the needs of the volunteer.

If you wish to become apart of our team volunteer with us, you are required to fill out the application form. Your details will reach the Recreation Therapist and Volunteer Coordinator, and who will get in touch with you. All potential volunteers will be interviewed and given a tour of the building if a suitable match is made reference checks are completed.


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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities at St. Jude's Anglican Home. For example, program assistants help residents during staff-run, recreational programs such as crafts, cooking, discussion group and entertainment evening. A one-to-one visitor spends social time with residents, walking volunteers accompany residents on outside walks and appointment escorts escort residents to special appointments. There is usually some thing fun and interesting for each and every person to help with.



Prior to starting your volunteer duties, you will go through a general orientation, which includes information such as wheelchair safety, communicating with the elderly and fire and emergency protocol.

The orientation process also includes on-the-job training in the area of work specific to your duties assigned. For example, as a volunteer/program assistant, duties may include:

  • set-up of program area
  • escorting residents to and from the program area
  • maintaining a safe environment
  • assisting residents during programs
  • socializing
  • cleaning up the program area

Recreation staff provide the specific training and guidance that you will require to do your assignments with comfort and ease. The staff and other volunteers are always available for support and mentor ship as you learn to perfect your skills as a new volunteer.



The team concept is a very important one at St Jude's Anglican Home. Volunteers compliment the professional roles of the staff by enriching services to residents.

A volunteer's responsibility includes:

  • Performing duties to the best of one's ability
  • Adhering to the facility standards, maintaining confidentiality
  • Maintaining open and honest communication

Policies and Procedures Manuals are located in the Recreation Therapy/Volunteer Services office. Volunteers are responsible for reading the manuals and being knowledgeable of the contents.



We try to accommodate the needs of all volunteers. Generally volunteers are asked to make a commitment for at least six months or 50 hours. Volunteers are expected to fulfill their commitments as mutually agreed. Residents see new faces entering their home and like to know they can be depended on. Always keeping promises made to residents is important. For example, a promised visit can be a very exciting expectation for a resident who may not have family or friends who visit. If the promise made does not materialize, it may become upsetting for the resident. If commitments can not be met, notification in a timely fashion is required.


All resident information gained within the course of volunteering must be held in strictest confidence. Volunteers are required to sign a confidentiality pledge. If it is discovered that this pledge is broken, immediate termination will occur.



Our Recreation Assistant staff give guidance as needed. The volunteer is responsible to the Recreation Therapist and Volunteer Coordinator.



Evaluations are a very important part of ensuring quality resident services. An informal evaluation will take place approximately three months after starting as a volunteer and occasionally thereafter. Evaluation time is a great way to ensure things are going well and provide opportunities to improve as a team.


Recreation Calendar

A calendar of events is organized on a monthly basis. Volunteers review the recreation calendar to identify changes in programming and to see if they wish to help with the many events that occur outside of regular programs..


On Call

There may be times when extra volunteers are required. For example, unexpected cancellations of scheduled volunteers or a resident needing an escort for appointments. Please be sure to let the Therapeutic Recreation and Volunteer Services Coordinator know if you would like your name added to the on-call list.


Positive Attitude

It is important that volunteers and employees work together to help create a positive attitude. This will foster a healthy, happy, home-like atmosphere for the residents. Remember a smile a day goes a long way.


Volunteer Recognition

Every year St. Jude's officially recognizes volunteers. Volunteers will be notified of recognition events.


Letter of Reference

Requests for a letter of reference will be considered and provided based on accomplishments and achievements.