St. Jude's Anglican Home

St. Jude's Anglican Home

Care and Services

Complex Care: Intermediate and Extended Care

The British Columbia Continuing Care Program designates the levels of care required by older persons requiring health services. In a complex care home such as St. Jude's Anglican Home residents who move from needing "Intermediate care" to "Extended care" are usually able to remain in the Home. Those who require “Extended care” can be admitted.


Family Information Booklet

Please consult this booklet for detailed information about moving in, adjusting to life at St. Jude's, and visiting and care policies.


Special Care Unit (Elizabeth Eccott Haven)

Our "Special Care Unit" provides a safe, warm environment for older persons living with Alzheimer Disease or other dementias.


Medical Services

A Medical Co-ordinator oversees all medical care of the residents. Two "House Physicians" provide care to the majority of the residents while some continue their relationship with their own family doctor. The Medical Co-ordinator chairs the Professional Advisory Committee. Acute care services are available from two hospitals, which are less than five minutes away.


Nursing Care

Twenty-four hour nursing care is provided by two nurses during daytime and evening hours and one throughout the night. Care aides provide assistance with bathing, dressing and feeding. The Primary Care model is used with each resident having one nurse and one care aide overseeing their care. Care is co-ordinated by the Resident Services Manager.


Care Plan

New residents and their families meet with the health care team to initiate a meaningful plan of care.
This plan is reviewed weekly and each year at a care conference.


Spiritual Care

An integral part of life at St. Jude's is our spiritual care. An Anglican Chaplain provides multi-faith spiritual care to residents and families. Services are held weekly in our chapel. While services follow the Anglican tradition, they are ecumenical in spirit and all who wish to attend are welcomed. Small group worship for residents living with dementia, hymn-sing and one to one spiritual care are offered by the Chaplain to residents and their families. Memorial services are held to remember those who have passed on.



A full range of recreational activities is planned by a registered Recreation Therapist. Each resident is assessed for his or her recreational needs and desires. Maintaining community ties is encouraged by providing transportation for outings and by inviting a variety of community and church groups, schools and volunteers into the Home. Specialized group programming is offered to residents living with dementia and to those with extensive physical restrictions. Music Therapy enlivens the Home several times a week. A monthly calendar, "The Caring Hand", is published for residents and families listing all programs and special events.


Nutritional Services

Meals and snacks are prepared in our kitchen by our trained cooks and dietary aides. The Registered Dietitian plans a four-week seasonal menu cycle and assesses the nutritional requirements of each resident. Special diets and nutritional supplements are available. A choice of menu items is offered at every meal.

Meals are served at 8:30a.m. 12:30p.m. and 5:30p.m. but nourishment is available throughout the day. Residents are encouraged to maintain their preferred sleeping patterns and arise for breakfast when they are rested.


Social Services

The admissions process is coordinated by the Resident Services Manager. A Social Worker obtains a social history and is also available for resident and family counselling around practical and emotional concerns.


Pharmacy Services

All medications are dispensed through a contracted pharmacist. The cost of medications is reimbursed though the Ministry of Health Pharmacare program. Those medications not completely covered by Pharmacare are paid for by the resident. The Pharmacist meets quarterly with the physicians and other health professionals to review all medications given.


Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy

Arrangements for physiotherapy or occupational therapy services and restorative care are made with the resident and family to assist residents with injury recovery, seating and mobility requirements, and specialized strengthening exercises.


Dental Care

A dentist and a dental hygienist assess, clean and do some minor dental work at the Home.


Foot Care

Foot care is provided on a regular basis by a visiting Podiatrist.


Palliative Care

We strive to make the final days of life dignified and comfortable. Pain management, music and spiritual care are components of our palliative care.


Housekeeping and Laundry Services

  • All areas of the Home are kept clean, odour-free and in good repair
  • A thorough cleaning of each resident room is done weekly
  • Clothing and linens are cleaned daily in our laundry facility