Family Feedback

We welcome feedback from family members - current and past. Click here to send us a message. Your message will be answered within 3 business days.


St. Jude's Anglican Home
810 West 27th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
V5Z 2G7

Parking for families and visitors is on the south side of 27th Avenue and the west side of Willow Street, directly adjacent to the building. Two hour parking is also available adjacent to the park across the street.

The Oak Street (#17) or King Edward (#25) Street buses have stops within two blocks of St. Jude's. The Canada Line's King Edward Station is a 5 minute walk away as well.

By telephone or facsimile:

604.874.3200 Telephone
604.874.3459 Facsimile


Specific People:

  • Terri Ferguson (Resident Services Manager) - Ext. 227 -  (Regarding Private Pay Beds)
  • Heidi Horne (Support Services Manager) - Ext. 228 - 
  • Maike Kurtze, CTRS (Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator) - Ext. 224 - 
  • Nancy Tronsgard (Business Manager) - Ext. 234 - 
  • Sandey Berry (Administrative Services Manager) - Ext. 0 - 
  • Trudi Shaw (Chaplain) - Ext. 231 -